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Cities, suburbs, and neighborhoods:

  • “Urban Revival? Not For Most Americans.” Jed Kolko blog (3/30/16).
  • “Neighborhood Data Show That U.S. Suburbanization Continues (Wonkish).” Jed Kolko blog (3/25/16).
  • “2015 Population Winners: The Suburbs and the Sunbelt.” Jed Kolko blog (3/23/16).
  • “Where In America There’s the Most Room to Grow.” Wonkblog (10/30/15).
  • “How Suburban are Big American Cities?” FiveThirtyEight (5/21/15).
  • “No, Suburbs Aren’t All the Same. The Suburbiest Ones Are Growing Fastest.” Atlantic CityLab (2/5/15).
  • “Urban Headwinds, Suburban Tailwinds.” Trulia (1/22/15).
  • “Population Growth in Dense U.S. Cities: Short-Term Correction or Long-Term Trend?” Atlantic Cities (4/15/14).
  • “School Districts People Flock To — and Flee From.” Trulia (8/28/12).

Housing and demographics:

  • “‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People.” FiveThirtyEight (4/28/16).
  • “Why Millennials Still Live With Their Parents.” Terner Center (11/23/15).
  • “Who is Actually Forming New Households?” Terner Center (8/17/15).
  • “Why Millennials Are Less Urban Than You Think.” FiveThirtyEight (4/7/15).
  • “The Recession’s Lost Generation of Homeowners Isn’t Millennials — It’s the Middle-Aged.” Trulia (7/16/14).
  • “Over the River and Through the Wood?” Trulia (11/19/13).
  • “Sorry, Mom and Dad: The Kids Aren’t Moving Out Yet.” Trulia (7/23/13).

Job trends:

  • “Setting the Stage for the Future of Work: Deep Shifts and Great Uncertainties.” Shift Commission (6/15/16).
  • “City Limits: How Real is the Urban Jobs Comeback?” Jed Kolko blog (1/19/15).
  • “Where the Fast-Growing Jobs Are.” Jed Kolko blog (12/9/15).
  • “The Jobs and Workers of Tomorrow.” Jed Kolko blog (12/8/15).

Housing market indicators:

  • “Where Real Home Prices Are At Record Highs.” Jed Kolko blog (2/25/16).
  • “Let’s Improve — Not Ignore — Seasonal Adjustment of Housing Data.” Calculated Risk (8/11/14).
  • “Where Do Housing ‘Leading Indicators’ Lead Us?” Calculated Risk (3/14/14).
  • “Will Winter Weather Wobble Housing?” Trulia (2/18/14).
  • “Why the Homeownership Rate is Misleading.” New York Times (1/30/14).
  • “All Those Vacant Homes.” Trulia (11/6/13).
  • “Why is Construction Activity Still So Low?” Trulia (9/17/13).
  • “Here are the ‘Missing’ Construction Jobs.” Calculated Risk (1/31/13).
  • “Brace Yourself, Real Estate Prices are Going Back Up.” Bloomberg View (7/8/12).
  • “Dissecting the House Price Indices.” Calculated Risk (5/23/12).
  • “Springtime for Housing.”  Trulia (3/15/12).

Politics and policy:

  • “Republican-Leaning Cities Are At Greater Risk Of Job Automation.” FiveThirtyEight (2/17/16).
  • “Blue Markets Face Bigger Housing Challenges Than Red Markets.” Trulia (10/27/14).
  • “America’s Most Unequal Metros.” Trulia (3/12/14).
  • “The Political Fight Over Principal Reduction.” US News and World Report (4/17/12).

Other fun stuff:

  • “Looking for Love in All the Right Places.” Trulia (2/11/13).
  • “Your Home’s Lucky Number.” Trulia (11/9/12).
  • “Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020.” Atlantic Cities (2/7/12).

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